Leica Machine Control: What You Need To Know

Machine Control: Improve Accuracy & Safety

If you’re a construction contractor—especially one who is involved in concrete paving—then you know that Leica machine control is some of the best in the business. Leica has a long tradition of manufacturing quality construction equipment, and their machine control products are no different. From 3D laser scanning and GNSS receivers to software and training, Leica has everything you need to get your construction projects done right.

Real World Example: Leica iCON Pave

The AP1055F is a high-production, rubber track paver that excels on airports runways, interstates, highways, and other large jobsites. Its high travel speed, flotation, and traction deliver superb mobility.

What can make this machine even more productive is Leica 3D Automatics from Laser Specialists Inc.

See how this machine is bringing productivity to new levels for this contractor.


  • Stringless paving saves money and time
  • Sensor combinations for every paving job
  • Track, view and sync via Leica ConX
  • Automatic leapfrog capability improves continuous paving quality.
  • All asphalt paver brands supported
  • High-end version features steering control and width


  • 24/7 pavement quality ensures string line precision
  • Eliminating string lines improves worker safety
  • Accurate paving reduces road maintenance expenses
  • Asphalt paver ready immediately after reference upload

iCON Control

Leica offers an innovative and user-friendly hardware and software combination for the heavy construction sector with the all-in-one machine control platform. Concrete paving projects are simplified thanks to Leica machine control.

iCON Software

The MC1 machine control software helps the operator position the machine to accomplish the intended design by comparing the design model to the actual location of the machine’s cutting edge, such as the bucket or blade edge. The cutting edge of the machine is automatically controlled by MC1 software, enhancing operator productivity on construction sites.

iCON Dozer & Grader

The way you move dirt and fine-grade continues to be revolutionized by the Leica iCON grading technology. Inside the cab are design surfaces thanks to the 3D solution. Work precisely and autonomously from any location on the project design as directed by a GNSS system or a robotic total station. On every earthmoving and fine-grading contract, the iCON grade system for dozers and graders may significantly boost machine utilization, productivity, and material optimization. The system combines versatility and an intuitive user interface, and it may be utilized with a variety of sensors.

iCON Pave & Milling

From tunnel construction to curb and gutter work, new highway projects, and airport paving, Leica iCON pave supports your company with 3D paving solutions. Leica has shown competence in hundreds of installed and operational systems worldwide and several certified interfaces with all major OEMs over the course of decades of experience in 3D paving solutions. With the concrete paving solution from Leica iCON machine control system, you can complete your paving tasks more quickly, more effectively, and correctly the first time.

3 Reasons To Use Leica Machine Control

Simplified Projects For Increased Revenue

What is the biggest benefit? You increase profit margins by simplifying workflow and increasing efficiency. To keep margin gains and make money, you need simple, connected solutions that make staff more productive on-site. You also need to unify design data for smooth workflows. Whether you are doing concrete paving, or any other heavy equipment construction work, Leica Machine Control accomplishes all of this.

You Are Always In Control With Modular Technology

Our different units use the same software, are highly modular, and can work with multiple machines. For example, you can swap the Leica MCP80 control unit between several heavy construction machines. It also connects to the Leica MC1 common software platform. Leica ConX is an easy-to-use productivity platform that helps your projects run more efficiently and adds a cloud-based element to your project.

Increased Safety On Your Construction Site

Leica Geosystems has a modular safety awareness solution, as well. Basically, with the right add-ons, you can increase worker safety by increasing the machine’s ability to ‘see’ as it were, thus you can prevent collisions between machines and people, machines and objects, and with other machines. With the right addition of Leica Geosystems technology, you can take responsibility by taking full control. Leica machine control solutions are arguably the best in the construction industry.

With Leica Machine Control, construction crews can work faster and more accurately, which leads to improved project efficiency and reduced costs, all the while increasing worker safety. If you’re looking for a technology that can help your construction business stay ahead of the competition, Leica Machine Control is the best option available.

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