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Once a building is up Mechanical, Plumbing and Tenant Finishing contractors need tools to give them speed and efficiency to layout walls, ceiling grid, duct work, light fixtures, cabinets and countless other Specialty Fixtures.

Visible beam Lasers are ideal for Drywall layout and Ceiling Grid work.

HV301G Green Beam Laser

For smaller jobs and specialty work the Line and Dot Lasers from Bosch Tool are the ideal solution. These lasers generate vertical and horizontal lines as well as make transferring points a breeze.

Bosch GLL2-80 PDF Brochure
Bosch GPL5C PDF Brochure

Many jobs also require rapid and precise measuring. The Leica Disto series of Hand Held measuring devices are ideal for almost any application. The Disto is must for every toolbox.

Disto Family PDF Brochure
Disto D5-D8 Brochure
Disto D5 Brochure

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