Grade Checking Solutions

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Cut and Fill Information over a job site is critical and getting it in seconds means faster work, more profit and a decisive edge over competition. GNSS Rovers and Laser Levels can both play a helpful role.

For full 3D information over a jobsite, Leica iCON Series Rovers are the best way to go. Exclusive Smart Check ® Technology from Leica gives you unrivaled accuracy. The specially developed contractor interface gives the system an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Learn the critical items you need to know in minutes – not in days!

Leica iCON Field

For basic elevation grade checking solutions the Rugby Laser level is the solution. The Rugby is available in Standard or Long Range operation models.

LL 300
Rugby 800 Series Brochure

For the unique and specialized needs of Turf and Ball Field contractors the specialized Cone Laser from Laser Reference will meet your needs. The Alpha-C eliminates the need for multiple and confusing setups.

Alpha-C Sports Field Laser Brochure

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