Water Management — Soil Conservation

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Loss of the productive use of land for a season or even longer because of water induced erosion is a problem as old as farming. Fortunately, there are many ways of mapping and controlling erosion problems with the help of laser technology. Lasers allow one person to map and plan a redirection of the flow of water to preserve both land and water.

Laser Specialists offers both flat plane lasers and lasers with automatic slope.

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In addition to lasers many land conservation contractors add a specialized laser sensor to the earthmoving machine to give the grade indication to the operator while he operates the machine.

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It also possible to completely control the hydraulics of the machine with information supplied by the laser. This is the most advanced and efficient way to do soil conservation work.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

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There are countless uses for Micro-Drones and which one is best for your application can depend on flight time, sensor type and flight path.  The chart below compares and contrasts the different Micro-Drone features.


Fixed Wing

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