Grade Checking Solutions

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Cut and Fill Information over a job site is critical and getting it in seconds means faster work, more profit and a decisive edge over competition. GNSS Rovers and Laser Levels can both play a helpful role.

For full 3D information over a jobsite, Leica iCON Series Rovers are the best way to go. Exclusive Smart Check ® Technology from Leica gives you unrivaled accuracy. The specially developed contractor interface gives the system an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Learn the critical items you need to know in minutes – not in days!

Leica iCON Field

For basic elevation grade checking solutions the Rugby Laser level is the solution. The Rugby is available in Standard or Long Range operation models.

LL 300
Rugby 800 Series Brochure

For the unique and specialized needs of Turf and Ball Field contractors the specialized Cone Laser from Laser Reference will meet your needs. The Alpha-C eliminates the need for multiple and confusing setups.

Alpha-C Sports Field Laser Brochure

Machine Control

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2D or 3D Machine Control of Earthmoving Equipment with Leica is a Snap! Only Leica offers the unique Power Snap Concept in Machine Control and sets the new Benchmark for contractors.

For Dozers and Graders:
iCON Grader Dozer Systems

For Excavators:
iCON 31 2D Excavator
iCON 41 3D Excavator

Leica is setting the standard for Stringless Paving. 3D control of Slipform Pavers and Milling Machines is now possible because of the high degree of precision in Leica positioning equipment. GOMACO, Guntert & Zimmerman and Wirtgen can all run with Stringless Precision with Leica equipment.

Slipform Paving PDF Brochure

Data Preparation – Machine Control

An essential element of any successful 3D machine control operation is proper preparation of the data. Laser Specialists can help you with your Data Modeling needs.

For those who want to learn and prepare their own Data Models, Carlson TakeOff Software provides the key software solution.

Carlson Takeoff 10 PDF Brochure

For those without the time or manpower for this, Applied Construction Technology offers complete modeling and support services.

Applied Const Technology PDF Brochure

Building Layout

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Laser Specialists Inc offers a portfolio of construction positioning solutions specifically designed to meet the many and varied needs of the general building contractor. Whether your projects are commercial, residential, single story or multi-story; these different tools will allow you to take control of your layout tasks with greater efficiency.

For simple line and angle control choose an electronic transit:

DET-2 Data Sheet
Nikon NE 100 PDF Brochure

For control of both line, angle and distance choose a simple Total Station: Why pull a tape?

DTM 322 Data Sheet

For full jobsite control through “electronic blue prints” combine your Total Station with Trimble’s Lay Out Manger Software. This is the software you have been looking for. The LM-80 makes any layout task from Arcs to Anchor Bolts a snap.

Layout Pro

For Footings and Subgrade control the Rugby Laser level is the best solution. This electronic, self-leveling laser runs day after day keeping your elevations true.

LL 300

Interior Finish

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Once a building is up Mechanical, Plumbing and Tenant Finishing contractors need tools to give them speed and efficiency to layout walls, ceiling grid, duct work, light fixtures, cabinets and countless other Specialty Fixtures.

Visible beam Lasers are ideal for Drywall layout and Ceiling Grid work.

HV301G Green Beam Laser

For smaller jobs and specialty work the Line and Dot Lasers from Bosch Tool are the ideal solution. These lasers generate vertical and horizontal lines as well as make transferring points a breeze.

Bosch GLL2-80 PDF Brochure
Bosch GPL5C PDF Brochure

Many jobs also require rapid and precise measuring. The Leica Disto series of Hand Held measuring devices are ideal for almost any application. The Disto is must for every toolbox.

Disto Family PDF Brochure
Disto D5-D8 Brochure
Disto D5 Brochure

Utility/Pipe Work

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Pipe lasers work in demanding environments and must be easy-to-use, jobsite tough and reliable. Pipe Lasers from Leica and from AGL both meet these standards for utility crews.

Pipe Laser DG511 DG711
Piper 100/200 PDF Brochure
AGL GradeLight 2700 PDF Brochure

For difficult to locate plastic pipe Laser Specialists offers the Innspector 07 from SubSurface. This unique product gives you the ability to locate plastic pipe in many (not all) locations where before there has been no alternative.