About Us

Laser Specialists Inc exists to provide the latest in technology and services to the surveying, engineering and construction industries.

Laser Specialists began in 1973 to guide contractors into the emerging use of laser levels in the construction field.  Since that time the company has grown in services to the construction and surveying industry  by being a sales and support center for the array of new positioning technologies that have come since – Total Stations, Jobsite Control Software, Precision Farming, GNSS Survey Systems, 3D Machine Control, High Definition Scanning and SlipForm Paving Control.

Though the focus of our service is in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma; many of our clients operate nationwide.  We are a full service company providing equipment and software sales, equipment repair and maintenance, and comprehensive training and field support.

What Services does Laser Specialists, Inc. Provide?

  • Surveying and Construction Supply Sales
  • GNSS Sales and Rentals
  • Precision Farming Product Sales
  • GIS Data Collection Sales
  • GNSS Machine Control Systems (including installation)
  • High Definition Scanning Sales and Rentals
  • Carlson Software Sales & Training
  • DTM Modeling for 3D Machine Control Systems

Technical Service Center

The technical service center prides itself on keeping abreast of the fast changing technology in today’s optical and laser instruments as well as the field computer environment.  From GNSS systems to Robotic Total Stations, the menu of equipment that contractors and surveyors use (and need to maintain) on a daily basis is amazing.  Keeping this gear running is critical to their success and is the mission of the Technical Service Center.